hot carl

or hot karl

[hot kahrl]

What does hot carl mean?


A hot carl refers to a number of supposed sex acts featuring poop ... yes, a number of them. One leading variety involves covering your face with plastic wrap and having your partner poop on you. No, we're not making this up—though we're pretty sure, we're desperately sure, the sex act is made up.

Examples of hot carl


Examples of hot carl
*sets Carl, my coworker on fire / Other coworker:  Dude, you're doing a hot carl totally wrong!
@dishonest_abeL, May, 2017
My 12 year old refers to Carl on TWD as "Hot Carl"...dear god I hope she doesn't talk about this at school!
@GingerHotDish, May, 2017

Where does hot carl come from?

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Hot carl is a member of a bigger-than-we’d-liked-to-admit family of poop-related sex acts made up for humor and shock value: the Alabama hot pocket, the Cleveland steamer, the blumpkin. We could go on …

It’s found on Usenet “dirty lists” since 2000, was mentioned in a punk-y Gwar comic in 1999, and featured in user and band names the immediate years prior. The hot refers to a steamy deuce, the carl apparently based on the name Carl, funny for its randomness. There are some variations. One is without the plastic wrap. Another lines the mouth with plastic, depositing turds baby-bird-style. The mama bird, in this case, is the butt.

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Author and rapper Jensen Karp came on the scene in 2000 with the irreverent stage name Hot Karl, but it was a 2001 South Park episode, “Proper Condom Use,” that brought the hot carl centerstage. The teacher Mr. Garrison mentions the ol’ hot carl in a list of sexual positions he is teaching to … kindergartners, one of whom provides the term in a review.

2011 was also the year of The Hot Karl, which it seems no one saw, as did The Hot Karl II. Sorry, coprophiles: This film is just about a guy named Karl getting involved in some sexy, non-fecal stuff.

Who uses hot carl?

Like its other poop-sex cousins, the hot carl is meant to be provocative and juvenile. That’s in part why so many people or groups take hot carl as their names: They can sneak in a raunchy in-joke that otherwise sounds innocent. Such as The Hot Karl, a filthy improv show in Chicago in the 2000s. Or, the Wisconsin band Hot Carl, who plays party rock for the fine people of the Fox Valley.

There’s also a cocktail known as a hot carl, but we wouldn’t want something with that name anywhere near our mouths, even if it does involve tequila and watermelon pucker.

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