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What does iykyk mean?

The abbreviation iykyk stands for the phrase if you know, you know. It is used after a statement or some form of content as a way of indicating that it is an inside joke or a reference to something only a select group of people know and understand.

This is usually done without providing any further explanation.

The abbreviation iykyk is typically used in texts and online posts, often as the hashtag #iykyk. Even though it’s abbreviated, it’s often read out as the full phrase.

It may be used alongside inside jokes, innuendos, obscure references, memes, seemingly innocent photos, and many other types of content that are directed at people who understand the joke or reference being made.

Example: Atlanta Falcons fans still have 28-3 nightmares. #iykyk

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Where does iykyk come from?

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Iykyk is an abbreviation of the phrase if you know, you know. The abbreviation iykyk has been used on social media since at least 2009, with use growing in the mid-2010s.

Examples of iykyk

The funny part about Jingle All The Way is it sort of happened in real life with the Tickle Me Elmos. Ahh to be a 90s kid.  Iykyk.
@Sherman721, December 14, 2021
He was aware of the irony, which in a way added another layer of humorous storytelling to a show packed with “if you know, you know” (IYKYK) nods to the culture, most of those centered on whiteness and American capitalism.
José Criales-Unzueta, Vogue, September 2022

Who uses iykyk?

The abbreviation/hashtag iykyk is most commonly used in online posts, typically as a way to indicate that it is an inside joke or a reference to something that only certain people will know and understand.

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