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What does jelqing mean?


Jelqing is a technique for, allegedly, enlarging one's penis length through a stroking motion involving two fingers. ✌️🍆

Examples of jelqing


Examples of jelqing
Reverse jelqing. Your dick makes your hands bigger.
@MongooseMinion, July, 2018
Newbie, I get a slight soreness after a jelq session but it seems to disappear soon after so I guess I am doing things o.k, [sic]
@jelq_ebooks, January, 2018
In fact, many men on message boards and Reddit describe militaristic jelqing regimens with specific instructions ("Do not jelq erect or even close to it") that sound like hard work ("20 minutes every other day").
Sophie Saint Thomas, Refinery 29, March, 2017

Where does jelqing come from?

As long as men remain self-conscious about their size, companies will continue selling bogus “penis enlargement pills” in popup ads. However, men who seek a more “natural” technique to extend their members might prefer something called jelqing.

Jelqing is the act of gently stroking one’s penis (like dudes aren’t already doing that) using two fingers in a precise method that supposedly creates “micro-tears” in the tissue (ouch?). Proponents claim this trains the little guy to get big, like weightlifting. We have to note that jelqing pros insist the penis be semi-erect and that a session, not intended for pleasure, last 20–30 minutes.

Does it work? Who knows. Too much jelqing can actually risk harming the nerves, veins, and arteries of the penis. The real question to be concerned about, though, is when it came about and who named it jelqing. These answers aren’t so clear either.

Make a Meme

It’s been said that jelqing is an ancient Arabic technique for penis enlargement, but others have countered that this backstory is a prank. The evidence suggests “hoax.” Early instances of jelqing appear in internet Usenet groups in 1994, where curious users were trying to figure out whether a good jelq session was superior to using a vacuum pump. Even then, a user called out the Arabic myth, saying it was “made up by some person with little or no social life.”

This hasn’t stopped people, though, from continuing to talk about (not to mention try) this mystical, two-fingered jelqing technique. All of this has necessitated plenty of articles boasting—and debunking—the jelq.

Jelqing made its way on to Urban Dictionary, the repository for all weird sex stuff online, in 2005.

Who uses jelqing?

Jelqing or to jelg is the action of doing a jelq session. There are certainly some strong advocates for the whole thing, but considering the subject matter, they don’t tend to speak up too loudly. Except on Reddit. Because Reddit.

Most of the time, jelqing is made fun of, referenced as something that only desperate people do.

Those who believe jelqing‘s backstory as an ancient Arabic technique might want to know that the hand position recommended for the maneuver, an OK sign, strangely resembles the one associated with the Circle Game. And if you look into the circle, well …

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