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Let’s Go Brandon

[ lets goh bran-duhn ]

What does Let’s Go Brandon mean?

Let’s Go Brandon is a euphemistic phrase used by critics of US President Joe Biden to mean “Fuck Joe Biden.”

On social media, the phrase is commonly used as the hashtag #LetsGoBrandon.

The phrase originated from a live broadcast at a NASCAR race, when the reporter conducting the post-race interview with winning driver Brandon Brown incorrectly noted that the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” when the phrase being chanted was actually “Fuck Joe Biden.” (Read more about the origin of the phrase in the next section.)

The expression became popular as a way of expressing opposition to Joe Biden without using the explicit phrase it represents.

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Where does Let’s Go Brandon come from?

The phrase Let’s Go Brandon originated during a live broadcast at the Sparks 300 NASCAR race on October 2, 2021. After the race, while reporter Kelli Stavast was interieving the winning driver, Brandon Brown, the crowd in the background could be heard loudly chanting “Fuck Joe Biden.” Stavast acknowledged the chanting and then incorrectly noted it as being a chant of “Let’s Go Brandon” (likely because she couldn’t hear the chant clearly and/or wanted to redirect attention back to Brown).

After the broadcast, the phrase Let’s Go Brandon and the hashtag #LetsGoBrandon quickly became popular with opponents of Joe Biden, including some Republican members of Congress, who began to use the phrase when criticizing the president. The phrase also became popular on anti-Biden merchandise.

Examples of Let’s Go Brandon

So, we’re up to 8.4% inflation. #LetsGoBrandon
@BuzzPatterson, April 11, 2022
Either way, the phrase "Let's go, Brandon!" quickly spread among conservative groups and continues to be used in place of the direct expletive toward President Biden, even among members of Congress.
Scott Simon, NPR, October 2021

Who uses Let’s Go Brandon?

Let’s Go Brandon is used by those who oppose US President Joe Biden, often as the hashtag #LetsGoBrandon. While it is often used with the intention of being at least somewhat humorous due to its euphemistic nature, it is nevertheless usually intended to convey the explicit meaning of the phrase it represents. The phrase is commonly featured on anti-Biden merchandise, like bumper stickers and T-shirts.


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