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moose knuckle

What does moose knuckle mean?

Moose knuckle is a slang term for when the outline of man’s genitalia are visible through particularly tight or hiked-up clothing.

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Where does moose knuckle come from?

moose knuckle

A moose knuckle (sometimes called moose knuckles) is the male equivalent to the female camel toe. Just as a camel toe describes when the shape of a woman’s labia are revealed through her clothing, so a moose knuckle reveals a creased, visible outline of a man’s genitalia. A moose knuckle, named for its resemblance to cloven hoof of a moose, is created when a pair of pants, shorts, or underwear is too tight in the front. With men, this can often happen when they wear tight swimsuits, yoga pants, or spandex costumes, or when they hike pants up too high around the waist. The shape made by the testicles when separated by the seam is also sometimes called a “man toe.”

Partridge’s New Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English (2006) dates moose knuckle dates back to 1988, while Green’s Dictionary of Slang finds camel toe in the 1990s, suggesting the slang terms are roughly contemporaneous.

On occasion, moose knuckle will refer to an especially pronounced and noticeable camel toe.

Moose Knuckles is also a Canadian sportswear company.

Examples of moose knuckle

“Moose knuckle is the male version of camel toe. Some of us have to roll and tuck ours in and it leaves a big bulge.”
Guest Topix (August 9, 2015)
“Camel toe might only be restricted to women but something just as...uhm...devastating and rather painful could happen to men: the moose knuckle.”
“5 famous moose knuckles exposed,” Channel24 (February 21, 2014)
“Now all that is left to do is come up a catchy term for the male equivalent of the camel-toe. Is it a ‘bag of mixed lollies’? ‘Possums fighting in a hessian sack’? ‘A jumble sale’? Urban dic ... tionary suggests that it is ‘moose knuckles’.”
Simone Mitchell, “We need to talk about the men’s rowing uniform,” (August 13, 2016)

Who uses moose knuckle?

While the term moose knuckle is most often used to mock an instance of a moose knuckle, it can be a compliment if the man is considered attractive.

In person, if someone tells you that you are showing a moose knuckle, it may a light-hearted cue to go loosen, lower, or even change your pants.

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