What does munter mean?


Munter is a British insult for a person, often a woman, who is considered extremely ugly.

Examples of munter


Examples of munter
No offence to the actor but Spock's a total munter in the new Star Trek
@naebD, March 2019
A sexist police sergeant has kept his job despite being found guilty of misconduct for referring to a female job hunter as an "ugly munter."
The Daily Telegraph, November 2016

Where does munter come from?

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

The British munter, first recorded in the 1990s, has an unknown origin, but there are several theories.

One is that munter comes from the Scottish-derived slang minger (“a stinker, stupid person”), also recorded in the 1990s. Another supposes munter came from the early 20th-century South African slang munt or muntu, a racial slur for black South Africans. Yet another theory connects it to British, Australian, and New Zealand slang munted, “intoxicated” or “destroyed.”

Discussions in the 1990s on a Usenet rave forum supports the munted theory. Users identified munter as early 1990s British student slang for a “drug user.” How munter went from “drug user” to “ugly person” is unclear, though it isn’t too hard to draw a line from “intoxicated” to “unpleasant.”

By the 2000s, munter was established as coarse British slang for an “ugly person,” especially a woman, with various colorful, shall we say, descriptions of what a munter looks like on Urban Dictionary.

Who uses munter?

When you hear munter, expect the speaker to be British. And, expect the object of the insult—often women—to be considered very unattractive. We wouldn’t recommend using it willy nilly.

Munter is also sometimes used to humorously describe other hideous things, such as animals or cars.

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