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What does pink sock mean?


Isn't it fun to look up a seemingly innocent term only to find something weird instead? Well, we've got you covered: Pink sock is a slang term for rectal prolapse. That's when parts of your rectum protrudes ... which some interpret as one's intestines spilling out ... which they think happens after anal sex. 🙃

Examples of pink sock


Examples of pink sock
I better find a photo to change my avi too. Let me google "pink sock".
@fortyflirth, July, 2018
isnt there something with sock when u pull out a chicks butthole doing anal? pink sock? loolol
@peapodmcgee, August, 2017
Anal prolapse is when the muscles holding the rectum in place weaken enough that gravity starts to pull the rectum itself downward toward the sun, if ya know what I mean. It usually looks like the tip of a slightly moist pink sock (sorry if I just ruined socks for you).
Rebecca Jane Stokes, YourTango, July, 2017  

Where does pink sock come from?

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Pink sock might sound like colorful footwear, which it can be, but for our purposes here, it’s a slang term used to describe the appearance of anorectal tissue protruding from the butthole, a condition known as rectal prolapse. In laymen’s terms, the rectum sort of turns inside out. Yup 🙃.

Some people think, apparently, that this resembles a pink sock—or just need a softer way to talk about the very gross (and unlikely) possibility of the snake-like intestines falling out. Again: 🙃.

Meme Generator

The world will probably never know who first looked at a prolapsed rectum and said, “You know what that reminds of? A pink sock. Definitely a pink sock.” It’s likely the term spread with the rise of the internet, home to graphic content galore.

One early instance of pink sock comes in July 2001 in a standup comedy Usenet group. User Marshman shared a story called “The Pink Sock,” about two of his friends dealing with a particularly severe pink sock situation where a person’s entire intestines came spilling out after rough anal sex. Medical science says this really can’t happen (though anal sex can aggravate problems linked to prolapse), but Marshman’s brutal account might’ve helped spread the term and its joking associations with extreme anal intercourse. That’s right: 🙃.

Since Marshman’s anecdotepink sock has retained its connection with rectal prolapse—to the point that some medical and hemorrhoid websites even refer to the term as a descriptor for it.

For whatever reason, searches for pink sock seem to have increased since the early 2000s, though maybe people are just buying actual pink socks more. A lot of people were running searches for pink sock in June 2017, but we’re betting this was because that same month, popular Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the unique fashion choice at a NATO meeting of wearing one blue sock and one pink sock.

Who uses pink sock?

As with many sexual memes that have less-than-sexual names, pink sock is sometimes used as a way to trick innocent bystanders to see something that they’d rather not see (e.g., Hey man, go look up pink sock! It’s cool!) This is a form of trolling called rickrolling.

Pink sock, as noted, also often comes up in contexts about the consequences of vigorous anal sex. This can be in tall-tales, like Marshman’s story. This can be on shocking pornographic sites for those with a more perverse sense of humor. It can also be more metaphorical (e.g., someone really “taking it up the butt,” or getting screwed over).

If you’re concerned you may have pink sock, put down the dictionary and consult a doctor. One more for the road: 🙃

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