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What does pornocchio mean?

Pornocchio is a term used in various erotic parodies of or popular puns about Pinocchio.

It’s also occasional slang for someone who lies about sex, such as embellishing their escapades, or lies about looking at pornography.

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Where does pornocchio come from?


The term pornocchio is a blend of porn (short for pornography) and Pinocchio.

Pinocchio is the character of an 1883 story by Italian Carlo Collodi. In the story, a wooden puppet in the shape of a boy is brought to life. Every time Pinocchio lies, which is often, his nose grows. Many are familiar with the story of Pinocchio from the 1940 Disney film of the same name.

An early use of the expression is in the Italian title Il Pornocchio, given to a 1971 American grindhouse sex-comedy Cry Uncle! The cult film was directed by none other than Rocky (1976) director John G. Avildsen. In 1987, another porn film entitled Pornocchio was released. (Tag line: “It’s not his nose that grows!”)

In 2008, the British tabloid The Sun denounced Paul McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills as pornocchio after divorce hearings revealed dishonesty.

The Sun

Another British tabloid, The Mirror, took to pornocchio in describing Deputy Prime Minister Damian Green, who resigned from office after lying about keeping porn on his work computer.

People have variously coined pornocchio as a joke term for someone who lies about watching pornography or embellishes their sexual activities. Urban Dictionary has included such terms since 2008.

Examples of pornocchio

Pornocchio > throbbin hood in so far as Disney movies. Pretty sure I saw the right versions of those movies

@ChrisTweetLLC, January, 2019
"Pornocchio" screamed the Sun, as it delighted in the comeuppance meted out to "grasping Heather Mills", while the Daily Mail labelled her a "serial fantasist".
The Irish Times, March, 2008
His plan is coming 2 fruition WE THE PEOPLE can stop #Pornocchio the #BABY in his tracks & REMOVE THE ENTIRE CORRUPT LOT VOTE #BlueWave on Nov 6
@Proud19, November, 2018

Who uses pornocchio?

Pornocchio continues to be used in pornographic or sexualized parodies of the classic Pinocchio story. One recent example comes from the Massachusetts theater company: the Gold Dust Orphans, who staged a production they called Pornocchio in 2013.

Critics of President Donald Trump have dubbed him pornocchio online, especially regarding allegations of sexual affairs.

In late 2018, a raunchy Pinocchio meme, sometimes referred to as pornocchio, surfaced on Reddit and Twitter. The format plays on the fact that Pinocchio’s nose grows every time he tells a lie.


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