What does pump mean?


Among many other slang senses, pump is short for pump-action shotgun, a type of shotgun that requires the user to change the shell with a pumping-like action.

Examples of pump


Examples of pump
Where r d m16,short guns, pump and shoot, armoured tanks, etc????
@vee_miz, October 2018
@FortniteGame the pump is no doubt the worst downfall to the game aswell as the drum gun silenced smg the games terrible now
@henry_olah, November 2018
Who remembers the days when this was the best shotgun you could use? Especially with the double pump strategy that was all the rage...Regardless of all the new shotguns in the game, this bad boy is still an effective and perfectly useable weapon.
Iliana Coleman, The Gamer, October 2018

Where does pump come from?

Comic Book

Pump-action guns, or slide-action guns, date back to the late 19th century. The shortened pump is found on Urban Dictionary by 2003.

Off the Grid News

Pump has notably been used in rap songs, including Cardi B’s 2017 “Bartier Cardi” where she raps: “I’m from the motherfuckin’ Bronx (Bronx) / I keep the pump in the trunk (trunk).” This refers  to a shotgun she, apparently, keeps in the trunk of her car.

Earlier, pump appeared on rapper The Game’s 2011 “Heavy Artillery”“Take em back to Boyz in da Hood when I pull the pump out / Something like C-Murder on Worldstar when I dump out.”

First-person shooter (FPS) video games frequently include a pump shotgun weapon, which players often shorten to pump. Games like Destiny, Halo, Call of Duty, and Fortnite, all very popular in the 2000s, have featured pumps.

Who uses pump?

Rappers often use pump in their lyrics. Besides Cardi B and The Game, Offset and Fat Joe have each also used pump in their lyrics, usually in an intimidating way.

The only people who probably use pump more than rappers are gun lovers and hunters, yes, but also gamers. Since pump shotguns are common in most FPS games and are generally powerful close range weapons, gamers talk about them…a lot.

Some interesting trivia: Ever notice pumps being used a lot in movies? That’s because they don’t need to be modified to shoot blanks like other guns do.


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