What does quits mean?


Stick a fork in it, it’s done! If someone quits, they abruptly give up on something, especially leaving a job, relationship, or game.

Examples of quits


Examples of quits
sorry but if u split up with ur boyf over one argument u need to just call it quits ur relationship is WEAK
@chickpee_, December 2018
Teen quits his job at Walmart over intercom, tears into company over treatment of employees.
Morgan Gstalter, The Hill (headline), December 2018
Memes.com / @memes

Where does quits come from?

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As with very many English words, the verb quit goes back to Latin via French. The root, here, is quietus, meaning “free” of such encumbrances as debt or conflict. Quiet and quite are related.


Quit is recorded in the early 1200s when it variously meant “to pay” a fee, penalty, or debt. By the 1400s, quit, for “leave” or “abandon,” was well-established. Quitting a job is found by the 1600s, and the verb remains widely used in that context today.

People also call it quits when they agree to end a dispute or a contest (or perhaps an unhealthy relationship) on equal terms. (By the 1660s, the term quits was used as an adjective meaning “on equal footing,” or “even.”) More commonly these days, the term “to call it quits” is used when someone decides to abandon an effort or venture.

Who uses quits?

The word quit is fraught with drama. Whether you’re quitting a job or a new exercise routine, it’s usually due to struggleas evidenced in the 2000s gaming expression, to “rage quit,” used to describe when a gamer abruptly stops playing in a fit of emotional frustration.


Young children may issue a pouting I quit if they are fed up with losing in some game or play.

In American culture, quitting a job, partner, or venture can sometimes be viewed negatively, equating the quitter with failure.

However, quitting often describes freeing oneself from toxic situationsperhaps as when an employee quits work with stormy, sweary flair.

Think, too, of a bad relationship which has gone on for far too long before both parties decide to call it quits, liberating themselves from the incessant bickering.

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