What does rekt mean?


Rekt means “wrecked or destroyed.” It is often used to refer to someone who is losing—badly—in a game or contest, but it can also be used to refer to someone who is in an extreme state of drunkenness.

Examples of rekt


Examples of rekt
Get rekt or die tryin'
@shubertgalvan, May, 2018
Study claims Bitcoin energy consumption is exploding — leaving us totally rekt
@mashable, May, 2018
Last night I got rekt
@Juanthedj, May, 2018

Where does rekt come from?

Rekt is a shorter way of writing the word “wrecked.” The slang term has existed on social media since at least 2011, when it was added to Urban Dictionary.

Something that has been rekt is something that has been hurt or destroyed. It can refer to body parts that are in pain or to being very drunk. Rekt can also mean you have lost a game by a significant amount.

The saying get rekt can mean the person using the phrase is planning to party hard and drink … you know, alcohol. In that sense, getting rekt is similar to “getting turnt.”

The phrase prepare to get rekt can also be issued as a challenge by someone before engaging in a competition, typically a video-game battle. It means to prepare to lose.

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