What does rod mean?

A stick, a handgun, a car, and an erect penis all walk into a bar...


Believe it or not, these seemingly unrelated objects can all be referred to individually as a rod. ROD can additionally serve as an acronym for Ride or Die.

Examples of rod


Examples of rod
& we ALWAYS choose one another, REGARDLESS. That’s my dog for sureeee. #rod
@ddaakkootta, December 2018
Although this article focuses on how to replace strut rods on C2s and C3s, the procedure is similar for most other generation Corvettes. The parts options are also similar and include rubber polyurethane bushings and adjustable struts rods. Zip Products joined with us on this article as they offer a full range of stock performance parts for all generations of Corvettes.
John Pfanstiehl, Hod Rod Network, December 2018
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Where does rod come from?

Imgur / The Simpsons

Rod is evidenced in Old English when it meant, well, “rod” or “pole” at least as far back as the 1400s.  Over the centuries, rod took on many senses, such as a tool for corporal punishment, and a unit of measurement.

You know what else looks like a rod? An erect penis. We find this in the record in the late 16th century. Rod crept up to the eyes–as in an eyeball’s rods and cones–by 1866.


By early 1900s, rod became more of a danger outside the pants, referring to a “gun” (1900s) and “gunman” (1930s). The 1950s saw rod extended to the pistons of cars, as in hot-rod.

ROD is sometimes used as an acronym for ride or die, an expression of loyalty that spread in hip-hop culture.

Who uses rod?

Rod is widespread in the English language, referring to all sorts of pole-like items, from fishing rods to carbon rods. Of course, Rod is a short form of such names as RoderickRodney, and Rodriquez, such as Rod Stewart and A-Rod.


For as old as the slang term is, rod remains a colorful euphemism for “penis,” and you’ll occasionally see rod used for “gun” in criminal contexts.

ROD, for ride or die, can be seen as a hashtag #ROD on social media as a convenient proclamation of loyalty to one’s compadres, no matter what.

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