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[sek-sit] or [seg-zit]

What does sexit mean?

Leaving right after—or to have—sex? This sex-related departure can be called a sexitSexit can also be used as a riff on Brexit, describing a given country’s hypothetical departure from a larger political body. Sometimes the term is used in political earnestness, but just as often it’s used to humorous effect. Because sex.

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Where does sexit come from?

CrowdedGarage / Flickr

There’s a small chance you’re here in search of information about the Slovakian heavy metal band Sexit, originally called Exit before they realized the name had been taken. But that’s a pretty deep cut.

SEXIT / Encyclopaedia Metallum

More typically, sexit is used online and in messaging as a blend of sexual and exit. It’s found on Urban Dictionary by 2009, and users have given it various creative definitions. Leaving a person’s place right after having sex? A sexit. Leaving a place because a couple just can’t wait to do it? A sexit. Some eve refer to a man “pulling out” during intercourse as a sexit.

Speaking of pulling out: in June 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union in a political move popularly referred to as Brexit. An earlier Scottish exit from the UK in 2013 was similarly being discussed under the unfortunate name of Sexit.

In 2018, the titter-worthy Sexit became popular during the discussion around a South African exit from BRICS, the economic association of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Examples of sexit

The good news is that nothing will happen, or the #EU risks upsetting all Eastern-European countries, and will create Pexit, Hexit, Slexit, Sexit,....😅😅
@VrouwvdVrijheid, September 2018
I c this trend in News where leaving of someone or something is headlined as Rexit or Brexit.So if I leave from sumwhere am I Sexit??
@iamsrk, June 2016

Who uses sexit?

Diehard Slovakian metal fans notwithstanding, Sexit is most commonly used as a joke term, riffing on the same linguistic structure of Brexit to describe other political -exit‘s.

Occasionally, people may use sexit for a sudden, post-coital departure. This tends to have a crass masculinity about it, implying just using a woman for sex. But that’s not to say men are the only one capable of sexiting.

Sexit also sees occasional, one-off use for when two people are just itching to shack up.

Just as often online, though, you’ll see sexit as a typo for sexist.

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