or shit hole


What does shithole mean?

If you've ever been in a place so dirty you feel like you need to take a piping hot shower and scrub down with a wire brush, you've encountered a shithole.

A profane word for "an unpleasant place," a shithole may have actual shit in it. Then again, it may be poop-free and still completely disgusting.


Shithole may also be used as a slang word for "toilet or bathroom."

Examples of shithole


Examples of shithole
finally getting out of this shithole
@Chapa11_SPG, December, 2018
Ive been to Manhattan KS, it is not even comparable to Fargo ND - a word borrowed from our President #shithole
@BinginND1, December, 2018

Where does shithole come from?


The root of shithole is, of course, shit, one of the most versatile bits of vulgar slang in the English language. Traced back to at least the 1500s, shit comes from the Middle Dutch schiten and the Middle English shiten (meaning “to defecate”).

Just when the word hole was added to shit is unknown, but shit is not the only curse word to get this add-on (see also: asshole).

Who uses shithole?

The word shithole is typically used to describe a place that someone doesn’t like … and you’re sure to spot it all over the internet—from angry Yelp reviews of restaurants to Instagram photos of horrifying hotels.

The word surged on social media since early January 2018, when President Donald Trump was alleged to have referred to Haiti and some African countries as “shithole countries.” Since then, hashtags such as “#ShitholePresident” and “#ShitholeCountries” have taken over social media.

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