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Spotify and side hug

[spot-uh-fahy n sahyd huhg]

What does Spotify and side hug mean?

If Netflix and chill is too intimate, you might opt for Spotify and side hug instead.

Spotify and side hug is a humorous riff on Netflix and chill, meant as a way to turn down someone you aren’t romantically interested in.

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Where does Spotify and side hug come from?

Indie Underground / Ruelle

The expression Spotify and side hug appears to be the brainchild of an Urban Dictionary submitter named Mo sucks ass. Classy.

On July 8, 2016, this user submitted Spotify and side hug as “a sad step below ‘Netflix and Chill.'”

Netflix and chill is a slang phrase for watching the video-streaming service Netflix with a love interest, usually with expectation of sexual activity. Spotify and side hug is a humorous and alliterative riff on this expression. It presents listening to the music-streaming service Spotify as a step down from Netflix and swaps out the awkward contact of a side hug for any sexual activity. So, as Mo sucks ass implies, telling someone to Spotify and side hug is to snub them—to tell them you are not interested in them.


Spotify and side hug appeared to remain largely (if not entirely) unknown for years after the definition was submitted on Urban Dictionary in 2016. Then, on March 29, 2019, Urban Dictionary featured Spotify and side hug as its Word of the Day on the front page of its website. This increased the amount of interest and use of this otherwise one-off expression.

Examples of Spotify and side hug

tag yourself as urban dictionary words. i’m spotify and side hug
@drippinono, March, 2019
“Netflix and chill” is so medieval age, i’m all about that “Spotify and side hug” type of shit
@ralphctrldelete, April, 2019

Who uses Spotify and side hug?

Most uses of Spotify and side hug (so far, at least) note its novelty.

What uses there are typically comment on Spotify and chill in the context of its inspiration, Netflix and chill, in some joking way.

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