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What does squirting mean?

Squirting is a slang term for female ejaculation. In pornography, it usually features a voluminous, projectile stream from the vagina. Science says it’s largely just urine. So, there’s that.

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Where does squirting come from?

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Female ejaculation has been a topic of formal research since at least the 1970s, but the slang term squirting emerges from the rise of that other great product of the 1970s: the adult film industry.

In the 1980s, an adult film star, Fallon, earned the nickname The Squirt due to her alleged ejaculatory orgasms, though squirting as a pornographic label doesn’t seem to take off until the 2000s online. That coincides, of course, with the rise of internet porn.

As a genre of pornography, squirting videos largely cater to the fetishes of men and show a woman spurting (or squirting, a verb which dates back to the 1400s) a large amount of clear fluid during orgasm. Some performers have come out and said this is usually fake.

Studies on squirting—and yes, sometimes they do use the slang—conclude that women who do experience ejaculation can involuntarily, and very normally, generate a small amount of liquid, usually comprising urine and a bit of glandular fluid.


Outside of pornography, squirting has become a topic in women’s interest publications about the phenomenon and to educate the curious about female ejaculation more generally.

Squirting also comes up in popular music, rapped by the likes of Lil Wayne in his 2013 “Curtains”: “On that Pat-ron, I’m swerving, game tight like virgins / I got a bad bitch, she Persian, call her AK when she’s squirting.”

Examples of squirting

When your eating her out like a savage and she apologizes for squirting on you but your lowkey about it 😏💦
@kaydokaydo17, November, 2016
Excited for this scene! I want to rent half a couch from @XCorvus777 but first he has to make sure my squirting problem wont ruin the floor
@leighravenx, November, 2016
There is absolutely no reason to feel squeamish or weird about squirting — whether you do it, you enjoy it, you like when your partner does it, or whatever. Knowing the chemical composition behind this physiological response shouldn’t change whether or not you find it pleasurable.
Casey Gueren, BuzzFeed, January, 2015

Who uses squirting?

As noted, squirting is a fairly common tag and topic in pornography, where squirting usually refers to a watery gush of female ejaculation. In the context of regular-people sex, squirting is typically called just female ejaculation, a smaller, thicker concentration of fluid.

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