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stay in your lane

[ stey in yer lean ]

What does stay in your lane mean?

The phrase stay in your lane means “to mind your own business” or “stick with what you know and are good at.”

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Where does stay in your lane come from?

Stay in your lane is a metaphor. It uses driving lanes, the lines of which drivers typically stay between for safety’s sake, to paint a mental picture.


The origins of the phrase are unknown, but it vaulted to the top of headlines in 2017 when LaVar Ball—founder and CEO of sports apparel company Big Baller Brand—told Fox Sports 1 host Kristine Leahy to “stay in your lane” during an appearance on the Colin Cowherd show.

Examples of stay in your lane

*Note to self* stay in your lane
@Blaklez, July, 2018
People are so damn ENTITLED for no reason. Stay in your lane and get outta mine 🙄
@kingbrettlee, July, 2018
look at how the blessings rain down when you stay in your lane & only compete with yourself!! YES LAWD
@chescaleigh, June, 2018

Who uses stay in your lane?

Stay in your lane is often used in social justice circles to refer to would-be allies or other people who attempt to speak on an issue with which they are not intimately familiar, such as a white man explaining issues that a woman of color deals with in her day-to-day life.

It can is more generally used to denote that someone (or something) is encroaching on another’s territory or their specialty.

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