What does stick mean?


Stick is a slang term for "gun," especially an automatic rifle in Southern hip-hop in the US. That means you can "stick 'em up"...with a stick. We recommend only using the actual twig variety, however.

Examples of stick


Examples of stick
My son just said "Pull with a spoon" in tune to pull up with a stick 😭
@KREAYSHAWN, January 2018
They came through with a stick and you heard it / They came through in this bitch and they were swerving
Future, "Stick Talk" (song), 2015

#askmf IDGAF: I don't give a fck IDFC: I don't fcking care IMPUWTSAHYMD: I'mma pull up with that stick and hit yo motherfuckin' door

Where does stick come from?

Western Farm Press

The use of stick to refer to a “gun” or “rifle” can be traced back to as early as the 1840s. Stick, here, is due to the long, narrow, and stick-like appearance of a rifle as well as perhaps its wooden butt.

In 1900, President Theodore Roosevelt famously formulated his foreign policy as “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” This stick wasn’t necessarily a gun, but rather a collection of them, shall we say: he meant having a strong military should diplomatic negotiations fail.

During the 1960s, rifles were called idiot sticks during the Vietnam war. Stick was also the title of a 1985 crime film starring Burt Reynolds and Candice Bergen. Stick is the main character’s nickname, but it also calls up his car-thief, gun-wielding ways.

Stick, for a “rifle” like an AK-47 assault rifle, was popularized by Southern hip-hop, especially in its centers like Atlanta, Georgia and Miami, Florida. Urban Dictionary entries for it went up in 2010, though an earlier one from 2007 notes stick‘s use for a handgun or pistol in the UK.

Future released “Stick Talk” in 2015 on which he raps about the firepower of sticks. On his viral 2016 “Dat $tick,” Rich Brian raps: “I’ma pull up with that stick and hit yo’ motherfuckin’ do’.” On verified annotations on Genius, Brian, an Indonesian rapper based in Los Angeles, confirms that stick is slang for “gun.”

Who uses stick?


Stick is prevalent as hip-hop slang, usually featured in threats or acts of aggression about urban life. Atlanta rapper SahBabii came into the spotlight with his 2016 “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick,” where he raps: “Pull up with the stick, let it hit / I put this on the ten, I’ma end / His life, no beginnin’, fuck a friend.”

Hip-hop helped the slang spread into the popular lexicon, where, especially online, people have made humorous riffs on lyrics like SahBabii’s pulling up with a stick.

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