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stupid fresh

[stoo-pid fresh]

What does stupid fresh mean?

It ain’t just fresh. It’s stupid fresh, or “extremely good.” The slang often compliments someone’s fashion or style.

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Where does stupid fresh come from?

stupid fresh

Since at least the 1960s, stupid has been slang for “very” or “extremely,” … “to a ridiculous extent.” In the 1980s, fresh became a generic slang term of approval, like cool or sick. Put them together and you get stupid fresh, or “exceptionally good.”

The term stupid fresh took off in the 1980s in, as with so much contemporary slang, hip-hop and rap music. Artists like Salt-N-Pepa and the Beastie Boys used the phrase in their lyrics in the mid-1980s. One of the most popular songs that mentions stupid fresh comes from Missy Elliott. In her 2003, “Let It Bump” she raps, “I’m Missy on the microphone/I’m stupid fresh that’s the shit I’m on.” The release of this song correlates with the highest spike in Google searches for the term stupid fresh to date.

Use of stupid fresh has been on a steady decline since the 1990s. Slang doesn’t always have the longest shelf life. Stupid and fresh still maintain wide currency though, the former for “excessive” (stupid drunk, stupid rich) and the latter for “hip” or “fashionable.”

Examples of stupid fresh

when you get stupid fresh and wait for that "I'm outside text"
@ilmatik1stClass, September, 2016
If you’re wondering where you can get a pair, you’ll have to wait because there are currently no plans to mass produce the sneaker. The Air Yeezy will remain a sample made just for Kanye...As Mr. West would say, these are stupid fresh.
Rap-Up, August, 2008
Some girls become all dreamy-eyed over New Kids On The Block. They think they're stupid fresh. Other cliques can't  get enough of Bon Jovi. The times, they are a-changing.
Kathryn Falk & Cindy Savage, How to Write a Novel for Young Readers and Get it Published, 1990

Who uses stupid fresh?

In the 2000s, you’re less likely to encounter stupid fresh in rap, though songs themselves are still sometimes described as stupid fresh.

Instead, you’re more likely to see a person or a group of people referred to as stupid fresh if they’re particularly attractive, stylish, or talented.

More generally, clothes or hairstyles can be described as stupid fresh. The implication is that they’re fashion-forward and stylish.

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