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or the succ [suhk] or [th uh suhk]

What does succ mean?

Succ is a slang spelling of “suck,” used in the contexts of fellatio. It was popularized by Crips-affiliated rappers and an internet meme, the succ, about amazing, well, blowjobs.

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Where does succ come from?


Succ is an alternate slang spelling of the word suck. The spelling was apparently first used by the gang the Crips, who in the 1980s replaced the cluster CK in words with CC. That’s because their rivals, the Bloods, sometimes called themselves the Crip Killers, or CK for short. So, words like back, black, fuck, or suck sometimes became spelled as bacc, blacc, fucc, and succ to avoid the association.

During the 1990s, rappers who had some connection with the Crips sometimes used the CC-for-CK spelling in songs, such as Tweedy Bird Loc’s 1994 “Fucc Miami.” In 2008, Snoop Dogg released a track “Succ A Dicc.” We can see this spelling spreading among everyday users on Twitter by 2009.

Succ would later take off as a humorous slang term for “blowjob” in 2014 after a Tumblr user, who goes by woodmeat … just saying, posted the phrase “she succ me thru my boxers.” Succ, here, may have been taken from the hip-hop succ, given how greatly the music influences the mainstream. It may also have nodded to other slang misspellings popular online, seen in everything from the cutesy alterations in LOLcats (haz, moar) to terms like thicc or phat.

Succ spread on Tumblr as a term for a particularly excellent act of fellatio, especially seen in memes as the phrase the succ—receiving fellatio so transcendently pleasurable that, we guess, one cannot spell correctly anymore.

Internet users missed no opportunities to extend jokes about succ, such as referring to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as the Zucc, for instance.

Examples of succ

how tf u succ dicc on accident
@andreaberrnaal, June, 2018
I put the succ in unsuccessful... Merry Christmas!
@Pornhub, December, 2016
Ride on my dick like a bike, little hoe / I want the fuck and the succ, give me dome
Bambi, "Wonky" (song), 2018

Who uses succ?

Outside its use in Crips and Crips-adjacent hip-hop culture, succ is used online in place of suck in the context of excellent blowjobs. Many users, though, will jokingly apply this succ in non-sexual sucking contexts.

Succ memes often pair pictures of characters or people with joking observations about blowjobs.


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