or thotty or thottie


What does thot mean?

Thot is a slang acronym standing for that ho over there or thirsty hoes over there, and is used as a synonym for vulgar slurs like slut, bitch, or whore.


This should go without saying, but thot is a sexist term, though some women also use it.

Examples of thot


Examples of thot
youarecute, Reddit, May, 2018
Fuckin' on your bitch, she a thot, thot (thot) / Cookin' up dope in the crockpot (pot)
Migos, "Bad and Boujee" (song), 2016

Where does thot come from?

thot is a woman that pretends to be classy and sexy but is actually cheap and easy (i.e., “slutty”). As it spread online, the term came to insult any woman who’s seen as “bitchy” and “attention-seeking.”

Although its exact origin remains unknown, thot appears to emerge out of the Chicago rap scene in late 2011. Videographer Duan Gaines claims he heard someone use thot while he was shooting the music video for rapper Chief Keef’s song, “Aimed at You.” The word caught on with the crew and was included in the song lyrics: “But them bullets hit you hot, show no love for a thot.” Gaines also liked the word and began using it in tweets in 2012.

Following this, Chicago rappers Katie Got Bandz, Fredo Santana, and Chance the Rapper also released songs in 2012 that included thot in the lyrics. They, along with Chief Keef, would continue to use and popularize the word in songs in the following years.

In 2014, thot was used by other rappers, like Juicy J and Fetty Wap, and by 2015 thot was common in hip-hop.

Who uses thot?

Along with its modifying form thotty, thot is used in casual speech, social media, and memes to mock women perceived as cheap and easy.

As the term has spread from hip-hop to the mainstream, thot began targeting men as promiscuous as well … though it largely remains a misogynistic term.

In the mid-2010s, a spinoff meme, Begone Thot, arose in response to what young male internet users saw as an excess of thots on Instagram and Twitch streams.


Thot has inspired plenty of wordplay, punning on thought or hot (e.g., thot police or thot sauce).

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