toss your salad

or tossing your salad or tossing someone's salad or toss salad or salad tossing

[taws sal-uh d]

What does toss your salad mean?


No, we're not talking, here, about mixing together the ingredients and dressing for a nice, healthy lunch. To toss someone's salad is sexual slang for anilingus, or orally stimulating someone's anus. 🥗

Examples of toss your salad


Examples of toss your salad
Girl, I'll toss your salad like an epileptic lettuce farmer... (erratically erotic, & spasmodically sensual)
@Raoul_Duke_71, October, 2014
To toss a salad is not an end in itself; it's a preliminary step before a meal, just as anilingus is so often the precursor to the main sexual event.
Chelsea G. Summers, Vice, June, 2015

Where does toss your salad come from?

To toss salad, or salad tossing, is first recorded in the 1970s in the San Francisco gay community. Slang lexicographer Jonathon Green suspects its early days may also be connected to prison slang, where it was enjoyed by “otherwise heterosexual” men. 

The term took off in 1996. That year, HBO released a prison documentary, Prisoners of the War on Drugs, were an inmate goes on about making newcomers toss his salad—with or without jelly.

Comedian Chris Rock saw it and turned it into a bit about the so-called Tossed Salad Man for his own HBO special that year.

But we know what you’re wondering: What does licking a butthole have to do with greens, chopped vegetables, and dressing?

Some say the expression is related to the British slang tossing off, or “masturbating,” which one might do to a partner while tossing their salad—an act called a rusty trombone

Others think it comes from the fact that jelly, syrup, honey, or other condiments are frequently applied before the act to cover up any fecal traces. (The Tossed Salad Man preferred jelly.)

Still others say that it’s so named because it ends with the production of “ranch dressing.” Whatever the origin, tossing figures the action of the tongue and salad the anus.

Nicki Minaj has given tossing salad a signal boost in her lyrics. Our favorite line, from her 2014 “Anaconda,” features some clever wordplay: “He toss my salad like his name, Romaine.” Minaj’s rhymes point to a larger trend in the 2000s involving more, er, relaxed discussion of anal play in all relationships, including tossing salad.

Who uses toss your salad?

Tossing salad comes up in pornography tags, intimate or suggestive conversations about anilingus, and plenty of cheap jokes, as its name sounds innocuous (as people toss plenty of actual salads).

A 1997 episode of Power Rangers Turbo, for instance, stepped into (or sneaked in) a double entendre when one ranger told a pizza-shaped villain: “We’re here to toss your salad!” 

And oh, when you see the green salad emoji, 🥗, on social media, read the message carefully. Is this user talking about leafy greens or something else?

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