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truffle butter

[truhf-uh l buht-er]

What does truffle butter mean?

Outside of cooking and eating, truffle butter is, um, not very appetizing.

It’s sexual slang for the secretions left on a woman after anal then vaginal sex, popularized by rapper Nicki Minaj’s 2014 song of the same name.

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Where does truffle butter come from?

truffle butter

People have been cooking with truffles, a kind of fungus, since Egyptian times. They’ve historically been the subject of superstition, with ancient Greeks and Romans thinking they contributed to eternal life and medieval Christians associating them with the devil.

Today, truffles are an expensive luxury item in all their forms, including when made into compound butter made with black or white truffles.

But, of course, we can’t have nice things.

In December, 2014, US rapper Nicki Minaj released the song “Truffle Butter.” On it, Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Drake rap about their success, mentioning truffle butter twice. In the first instance, Drake names “filets with the truffle butter” as a luxury item he can afford. Lil Wayne later mentions “truffle butter on your pussy,” intended as some form of erotic extravagance.

Some enterprising listener, it seems, ran with Lil Wayne’s truffle butter line, concocting some sexual slang sense for it à la creampie or more absurd and gross ones like the Cleveland Steamer. The first Urban Dictionary entry defining the term in this way appeared only a few weeks after The Pinkprint dropped.

In an interview with GQ, Wayne said he didn’t know that the phrase had a sexual meaning and was intending to play off the same theme of luxury as Drake. That’s because the slang doesn’t seem to have existed until him.

The song got plenty of exposure, peaking at #11 on the Billboard music charts and staying on the charts for 15 weeks, with the official lyric video amassing more than 30-million views to date. Curious fans looked up truffle butter and found their way to an explicit answer. The term hit its all-time high in Google searches in March, 2015, coinciding with the release of the lyric video.

Examples of truffle butter

Legit just had to google what truffle butter was and nicki minaj is a durtay cow
@MaryJohnstone98, March, 2015
Drabble offers his special take on modern French cuisine, using the best seasonal British produce for the most authentic and delicious tasting food. His signature dishes include ravioli of langoustine, cabbage and truffle butter sauce...
Felicity Carter, Forbes, May, 2018
But if you insist on eating booty “like groceries” and making truffle butter, at least know how to protect yourself and lower the risk of transmission of infections. 1) Always use a latex, polyurethane, or polyisoprene condom when engaging in any anal play. 2) Never go from the anus to the vagina without washing off the penis or changing the condom.
Felicity Carter, Forbes, May, 2018

Who uses truffle butter?

Truffle butter had its heyday in early 2015 with the popularization of the song by Nicki Minaj.

Online news sites like BuzzFeed dove into the meaning of the term, even bringing truffle butter (the food) to the Billboard Music Awards red carpet that year. Classic BuzzFeed.

Other news sites even wrote health stories about the dangers of engaging in the activities that would lead to, as Lil Wayne put it, “truffle butter on your pussy.”

Since the release of the song, truffle butter has been mostly brought up in reference to the song or when someone finally catches up with the slang meaning. They mostly wish they hadn’t.

Recently, though no one has forgotten about the Nicki Minaj song that sparked the term’s popularity, truffle butter has begun to reclaim a little of its original meaning. Restaurants are no longer scared to mention the topping on social media, at least.

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