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What does truther mean?

A truther is a person who believes major events or situations are being covered by conspiracies.

Where does truther come from?

Examples of truther

“9/11 and Holocaust trutherism are so dumb that i reckon the truthers are secretly controlled by the CIA”
Samuel @50degreesam Twitter (April 21, 2017)
“Sadly, that probably won’t convince the anti-vaccine ‘truthers.’ They’ll keep on causing real danger—in the form of once-eradicated diseases making an unnecessary resurgence.”
Post Editorial Board, “Facts can’t sway the anti-vaccine ‘truthers’,” New York Post (April 24, 2015)
“Rudy ‘Mayor of 9/11’ Giuliani has tied himself to Donald Trump’s sinking ship which is also packed with 9/11 truthers.”
Patrick Hillsman, “Rudy Giuliani has a 9/11 truther problem,” The Raw Story (August 31, 2016)

Who uses truther?

Some truthers have self-identified as such because they feel the label is a positive alternative to “conspiracy theorist,” i.e., the term foregrounds their belief that they are searching for the truth. Others, however, reject the term as pejorative. Indeed, in the broader culture, truther and related -er words are often used derogatorily, sometimes associated with loneliness, paranoia, and insanity.

It’s important to note that trutherism, as the beliefs or attitude of a truther are sometimes called, is not confined to any particularly left or right ideology. Truthers can be liberal or conservative, and truthers on either end of the political spectrum actually make a lot of the same arguments, albeit often aimed at different government, media, or corporate targets. While the term truthers is often leveled at conspiracy theorists or fact skeptics, truthers themselves are not a single group with a consistent set of beliefs

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