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wake and bake

or wake-and-bake or wake n bake [weyk n beyk]

What does wake and bake mean?

Wake and bake is the act of smoking (or otherwise consuming) marijuana first thing in the morning. For advocates, this is ideally done while still in bed, in PJs, and right before a really satisfying breakfast. A wake and bake with coffee added to the menu is sometimes called a hippy speedball.

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Where does wake and bake come from?


People have long been getting high first thing in the morning, but stoners weren’t calling it wake and bake until at least the 1990s. Bake comes from baked, slang for “being high.”

According to the 2017 Global Drug Survey, the US leads the world in waking and baking with 22% of cannabis users reporting they toke up within ten minutes of rising and shining. Entrepreneurs are certainly capitalizing on those, er, high numbers, especially as more US states legalize medical and recreational marijuana: Colorado is home to a “pot hotel” called Bud + Breakfast, while cannabis coffee pods and pot bacon are available for that most important meal of the day.

Addiction experts have a less positive outlook on the wake and bake, however. They consider it to be a sign of dependence, just like drinking in the morning can be a sign of alcoholism. 

Examples of wake and bake

Idk how people wake and bake. I always bake my ass back to sleep
@germanndasavage, May, 2018
Imagine my surprise when today I found out wake and bake does not mean get up and make breakfast... I just thought a lot of people liked a hot meal in the morning
@MaggieS17641641, July, 2018
If you are waking and baking with anything other than a Sativa, you’re doing it wrong. Sativa’s can provide creativity, energy and focus. Sour Diesel and Blue Dream are excellent selections. An Indica is a mellower buzz. These strains are much better for baking before bed.
Mike Adams, High Times, February, 2018

Who uses wake and bake?

Stoners, obviously, use wake and bake to describe their morning activities, whether enjoying a wake and bake or waking and baking.

Wake and bake is also a popular topic and title for songs, including offerings from such diverse acts a Montreal indie rockers Fleece and New Orleans-Bermuda reggae artist Collie Buddz. 

2017 saw Kevin Smith (of Clerks fame) with a internet cooking show punningly called Wake & Bake as well as short film of the same name.

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