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well wishes

Or well-wishes [ wel wish-iz ]

What does well wishes mean?

Well wishes are kind words, either spoken or written, that share a desire for a person to have good health or good things or that show them support.

Usually, we give or send well wishes, often in the form of a card or a social media post. It doesn’t matter if you speak or write you well wishes, though. What matters is sharing your positive thoughts for someone.

You might give well wishes to a friend or family if they are going through a tough time or an illness. You can also give well wishes just to let someone know you care about them.

Example: When Janelle heard that Trevor was sick, she sent her well wishes in a card.

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Where does well wishes come from?

The first records of well wishes come from around 1595. It combines well, meaning “satisfactory, pleasing, or good” and wish, meaning “an instance of desiring or hoping for something.” The first records of the related verb well-wish come from around 1570 and those for the noun well-wisher come from around 1590. When you wish someone well, you hope someone is well or that they have a good life.

For most of history, well wishes took the form of kind words that were either said out loud or written down in a letter or greeting card. Out of courtesy, the person receiving the kind words would thank the other person for their well wishes.

With the rise of the internet and social media, well wishes now often take the form of kind words in an email, a social media post, a comment, or a direct message. As was the case before, a person will usually thank people for sending them well wishes.

Examples of well wishes

Sending my well wishes to all the hard-working election workers and volunteers over in Georgia. It's a mostly thankless job that can be extremely difficult. GOOD LUCK!
@CHarris731, January 5, 2021
Many of Blige's fans and followers responded in the comments section of her post, sending the singer well wishes on her birthday.
Nicholas Rice, People, February 23, 2021

Who uses well wishes?

People often use social media to send well wishes and to thank others who have sent well wishes to them.


The singular well wish is very rarely used. The expression well wishes is similar to the phrase best wishes.

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