or give it yaldi

[yawl-dee] or [yal-dee]

What does yaldi mean?


Yaldi is a Scottish slang interjection expressing excitement or joy.

Examples of yaldi


Examples of yaldi
Fish supper and off for 3 days 🙋🏻‍♀️ yaldi 💃🏻🍻 just need to find a dress for Saturday now 🙊👀🔥
@alexx_DAFC, November, 2018
The Scots star wrote: "to be fair can’t go wrong way a free pizza. Delighted to help all best."…Fellow Scots actor Richard Rankin wrote: "Yaldi"...Meanwhile another punter said: "Get him telt Martin......"
Jonathan Whitelaw, The Scottish Sun, September, 2018

Where does yaldi come from?

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Yaldi is distinctly Scottish slang, but its origins are somewhat uncertain. It came into use sometime at least by the mid-2000s. It’s possible that the word comes from a mispronunciation of the 19th- century Scottish slang laldy.

Laldy originally means “a beating,” but it is often used in the expression give it laldy, or “do something enthusiastically.” One suggestion is that yaldi might be a combination of yes and laldy to express lots of enthusiasm.

Yaldi is often used as an expression of joy and happiness on its own, sort of like Hooray! or Yaas! It can also be used in the expression give it yaldi, like give it laldy, meaning “do something with a great deal of vigor,” particularly when it comes to singing or dancing.

Who uses yaldi?

The expression yaldi and give it yaldi are closely associated with Scotland and the city of Glasgow especially.

One can use yaldi to express joy or happiness about anything, but particularly about winning in sports. A 2015 article from The Scotsman noted a podcast guest screamed out Yaldi! after his association football team scored.

The expression giving (geein in Scottish) it yaldi is used to describe doing thing with great gusto, especially partying—sort of like going hard or ham in American slang.

Originating in the early 200s, yaldi is a favorite of younger Scots.

There is also a line of candy from Glasgow named Yaldi with very Scottish-sounding treats such as Buckie Creams available in Braw Bottles.

Yaldi Sweets

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