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  3. Better Words To Use Instead Of “Psycho”

    Psycho, when used as a noun, refers to “a crazy or mentally unstable person.” As an adjective, it describes a subject that’s “psychopathic or psychotic.” In fact, the word was first recorded in the 1930s as an abbreviated form of the terms psychological or psychotic. Since then, psycho has developed into one of pop culture’s favorite words to conjure up images of menacing killers and monsters that …

  4. 10 Ways To Change Your Negative Traits Into Something Positive

    Perhaps it's time to boot up a new you. Tired of the old one? In need of a quick makeover? How about turning what you perceive as a negative into more of a positive?

  5. Try These Words That Are Guaranteed To Empower You

  6. “Libel” vs. “Slander”: How To Tell The Difference

    If you spread a nasty rumor about your boss, are you engaging in slander? Can a politician sue a newspaper for libel if an article calls her a liar? What do these two words mean, and are they interchangeable? Since both are types of defamation or “the act of making negative statements that hurt another person’s reputation,” and also illegal, you’ll want to make sure …

  7. The Most Insincere Compliments And What To Say Instead

    Most people love to get praise or compliments. Not all compliments are created equal, though. The best praise is specific. When it’s clear that you really took the time to understand or pay attention to the person you’re praising, that praise feels sincere. Think about the time you spent all day on a piece of macaroni art in kindergarten, only to have your parents say, …

  8. What’s The Problem With Whataboutism?

    There are all sorts of retorts people resort to when criticized or called out for a mistake or wrongdoing of some kind. (Heaven forbid anyone just say, “I’m sorry. I was wrong,” anymore.) One of the most maddening kinds is increasingly being referred to as whataboutism. You know it when you hear it. “Hey, weren’t you supposed to do the dishes last night?” you ask your …

  9. Words Matter: When A Wife Becomes A Widow

    You lose your keys, you don't lose a person who's the whole world to you.
  10. The Art And Origin Of The Dad Joke