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  1. What Is Accent Prestige Theory?

    No accent is more correct than another. And, here’s the irony. None of us talk the same way all the time. So why do we think some accents sound better than others?
  2. What Is A Midwestern Accent Like That In Fargo Called?

    by Taneesh Khera Dictionary.com’s United States of Diversity You’ve stumbled onto our United States of Diversity series, welcome! If you don’t already know, here we explore a minority language or dialect in the country, and this episode’s no different. Does your keeat sit an the meeat? Or, maybe you wait for the boss down the black? Do you cal your mam an Sundays? If you …

  3. www.playbuzz.com/oliviazavala10/which-are-the-most-attractive-accents

    What Makes Accents Appealing?

    What makes certain accents sexy and others harsh? “The RINE in SPINE fawls MINELY on tha PLINE!” In the song “The Rain in Spain” from the musical My Fair Lady, phonetics professor Henry Higgins (‘enry ‘iggins) pleads with Eliza Doolittle to say “Ay not I, O not Ow.” By the end of the song Eliza’s “AY-ing” and “O-ing” and pronouncing all her H’s. The guttersnipe is …