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  1. 8 Synonyms For The Word “Poop”

    Everybody poops! But not everybody knows these eight synonyms for poop. You may be surprised to learn that the word poop actually has more than one meaning. You can use it to describe a feeling, like being pooped, which means to be overtired. As in, I was up until 3 in the morning, so I’m totally pooped. You can also receive poop, which is slang …

  2. “Masticate,” “Micturate,” And Other Fancy Words For Bodily Functions

  3. What Do You Call These Bodily Functions?

    What do you call that red bump on your skin? How about that dried snot in your nose? Get ready for some bodily function talk ...
  4. Can You Name These Forgotten Body Parts?

    Did you know that every part of our body has a name? And we aren't just talking about elbows and toes. Can you name these small, sometimes forgotten, body parts?
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    What Is The Medical Term For “Belly Button”?

    Some of us get squeamish at the sight of them. Some of us shoot studs into them. And, no two are exactly alike, even for identical twins. We’re here to talk about belly buttons, folks. What actually is a belly button? The belly button is an informal term for the navel. It refers to the scar on the abdomen that is caused when the umbilical …

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    Why Do We Use Euphemisms For Certain Body Parts?

    by Rachel Bradley Ah, childhood, those halcyon days when you chewed on a stuffed Mr. Snuffleupagus and cruised the driveway in your foot-pedaled convertible.  Childhood was also the time when, hopefully, you learned how to peepee—with your wee wee, weenie, peenie, winkey, giney, or jay-jay.  Ring any bells? Those goofy names remind us that childhood is also when our private parts are often given cutesy …