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  1. Where Do “Say So,” “Gangnam Style,” And Other Viral Dances Get Their Names?

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  3. Is It Naughty Or Not? What “Burlesque” Actually Means

    Since interest in burlesque grew in the 2010s—and may have peaked with the release of the movie Burlesque starring Cher and Christina Aguilera—people have been curious to learn more about this type of dance. Is burlesque strictly performed in seedy venues? Is it just a fancy word for striptease? What is burlesque? Luckily for word enthusiasts, burlesque derives from a rich tradition and a compelling meaning. Traditionally, …

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    From The Waltz To The Jitterbug: How Classic Dances Got Their Names

    As you may suspect, the term “ballroom dancing” originates with the word “ball.” But what you may not know is that “ball” comes from the Latin word ballare, which means “to dance.” So what about all those dances performed in the ballroom? How did they get their names? The waltz The waltz is now considered a harmless, traditional type of ballroom dancing. But in 1825, it …