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  1. “Goth” vs. “Emo”: What’s The Difference?

    It’s finally time to settle one of the most annoying mixed-up meanings in modern times … at least for goths (and the emo crowd). You’ve almost certainly heard of both goth and emo, but do you know that each of these are actually rather distinct terms, especially for fans of either music genre and lifestyle? Below, we’ll break down the meaning and differences of both …

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  3. What Are Some Synonyms For Top Slang Words?

  4. How The Word “Clout” Took Over The Internet

    Today, the slang "clout" is like a mix of popularity and power on social media. So, what does it mean?
  5. Bendy Redefines Eco-Fashion

    Products like the Bendy show that eco-fashion can be more than just an expensive ideal. Now, you can choose products that look and feel great while being kinder and gentler on the planet. Watch more to find out how.
  6. This Teen Literally Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

    Winter's pins may be small, but the words and feelings they express are monumental. Check 'em out.
  7. Remember These Fashion Fads (Or Were They Faux Pas)?

  8. Athleisure Explained

    Athleisure is one of many new words recently added to Dictionary.com. Simply put, athleisure is a style of clothing that’s worn as athletic apparel but is also suitable for casual, everyday wear. If this description means absolutely nothing to you, you’re not alone! The word is a recent addition to the English language, and one that even we needed some help describing. So, we asked film students from California College of the Arts to help us out. Here’s their take on athleisure.
  9. The Lumbersexual Look Defined

    The ruggedly masculine stereotype of the lumberjack.
  10. Every Day Was Wacky Hair Day In The 1700s