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  1. When You Should Not Say Sorry

    Sometimes saying sorry isn't the right thing to do ... just ask "the apologizer."
  2. What Are Other Words Related To “Prejudice”?

    Most people experience "prejudice" during their lifetime. But what are some other words that are related to "prejudice" that you may also experienced?
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    From Suffrage To Sisterhood: What Does Feminism Actually Mean?

    Falling annually on March 8th, International Women’s Day celebrates the progress women have made over the last century, and the inspiring women who helped make that progress happen. From the suffragist movement of the 1800s to the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, women have used the power of language and oration to inspire countless people. Early inspiration: the Enlightenment Early feminism was heavily influenced by …

  4. Why Can’t Women Swear?

    by Ashley Austrew It’s not every day you hear the F-word at a congressional event … But in January 2019, at an event celebrating progressive women in congress, that’s exactly what happened. Rashida Tlaib, the country’s first Palestinian-American congresswoman, told a story about what her congressional win meant to her son. She told the crowd, “…when your son looks at you and says: ‘Momma, look, …

  5. The Social Justice Dictionary You Didn’t Know You Needed

    We've collected some of the terms and phrases that make up social justice, which is itself a catch-all phrase for movements that work toward greater equality.

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  7. 14 Quotes From Women Who Will Inspire You To Write

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    Feminist Terms That Inspire Action