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  1. Weird Parts Of The Foods We Love

  2. How The Hot Dog Got Its Silly (And Kind of Gross) Name

    This July 4th weekend, how about taking some time to consider the names of those items you are about to eat? Brace yourself for the short and disputed history of that American grilling favorite: the hot dog. Why do we call hot dogs, well, hot dogs? There are a few schools of thought on the origin of this favorite food. Some think that people commonly …

  3. “Macaroon” vs. “Macaron”: What’s The Difference Between These Sweet Treats?

    If you’re a dessert lover, there’s a good chance that you enjoy both a rich coconut cluster cookie as well as a delicate almond cookie with a buttercream center. But which of these treats is a macaroon and which is a macaron? And did you know they were two different, albeit delicious, things? Although most foodies know the difference between these beloved cookies, many people …

  4. Common Food Names We’re Mispronouncing

    These foods are fairly commonplace now ... but are you still pronouncing them wrong?
  5. Yum Alert! Girl Scout Cookie Names Explained

  6. Are These Foods Fruits, Vegetables, Or Berries?

    How can we know what is a fruit? A vegetable? A berry? A nut? Doesn't it seem like it's always changing? Why is it so confusing?
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    Where Your Favorite Halloween Candy Got Its Name

    Whether you love chocolate or hard candies, we all have our favorites. But, have you ever thought about what the name on your favorite candy wrapper means? Here’s the history behind the names of a few popular confections. Snickers Believe it or not, one of the most beloved candy bars is named after a horse. The Mars family named the candy bar Snickers in memory of …

  8. These Food Names Aren’t What You Think They Are

  9. Why Did “Pandemonium” Trend This Week?

    In the past few weeks, people lined up at Popeyes, a popular restaurant chain known for its Southern-fried chicken, all over the US to get their hands on a hot and hyped new menu item: a chicken sandwich.  On Dictionary.com, meanwhile, we saw our own crowd: searches for pandemonium surged nearly 350% since mid-August, when Popeyes released the sandwich en masse. Searches for pandemonium are …

  10. Where Did The Word “Pizza” Come From, Anyway?

    The origin of the word pizza The word pizza as we now know it is recorded in English in the early 1800s, though early English lexicographer John Florio enters pizza for “a small cake or wafer” in his historically important 1598 Italian-English dictionary. Pizza, of course, is borrowed from Italian, but the deeper ingredients of the word, if you will, are unclear. Some think the Greek pitta (pita, …