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    Words To Know For High School

  2. A Parent’s Handy Word List For Questions That Won’t Quit

    To save your sanity while expanding your kids' vocabulary, here's a handy word list for questions that just won't quit.
  3. What Word Is Your State Looking Up On Mother’s Day?

    By now, we trust you’re not looking up when Mother’s Day is. Surely you’re just consulting the dictionary for the perfect words to grace your mother’s card, right? Well, the numbers don’t lie—and especially not to mothers. Our Data Scientists analyzed what users looked up on Dictionary.com on Mother’s Day in 2018 and found these as the top trends by state. They give and they …

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    Why Do We Use Euphemisms For Certain Body Parts?

    by Rachel Bradley Ah, childhood, those halcyon days when you chewed on a stuffed Mr. Snuffleupagus and cruised the driveway in your foot-pedaled convertible.  Childhood was also the time when, hopefully, you learned how to peepee—with your wee wee, weenie, peenie, winkey, giney, or jay-jay.  Ring any bells? Those goofy names remind us that childhood is also when our private parts are often given cutesy …

  5. These Words Can Be VERY Awkward To Explain To Kids

    Kids are like sponges. They soak in the words they hear and see around them, and slowly their vocabularies build. But, sometimes, the words kids see and hear are not exactly PG.

  6. Suspicious Slang Your Kids Are Using

    Kids are crafty—and so they've invented some new words to use in times of exasperation, anger, or when just trying to fit in. Do you know what these slang words mean?
  7. 5 Words To Describe Generation Z

    Each generation is different ... very different. And, we all think of ourselves in certain ways. That's why we asked people from different generations to give us five words that describe theirs. Here's Generation Z ...
  8. The Words You Need For Every Decade Of Your Life

    When we're young, we desperately want to be grown up. Then once we realize we're old, we start to spend too much time thinking about ways to turn back the clock. Why can't we just be satisfied with where we are? These words should help clarify that feeling ...
  9. We Asked: The Hardest Words You Have To Explain To Kids

    Some words don't seem very complicated or unique ... until you have to explain them to your kid. This father gives us insight into a word he had to explain to his three-year-old, and it wasn't easy!
  10. Words And Phrases Your Parents Used That You Can’t Use Now

    Parenting has changed over the years and so has the language. While some phrases were popular years ago, today they are obsolete - and for good reason. Here are ten old expressions that your parents might have used but you wouldn't dare use today.