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  2. Essential Language From The Star Wars Universe

  3. Learn At Home With A Harry Potter Vocabulary Challenge For Kids

    With schools closed across the country, plenty of newly homeschooling parents are taking advantage of the chance to read more with their kids. That means the Harry Potter books and movies are both seeing a lot more usage this month. Whether you’re a reading family or a movie-watching family or maybe doing a bit of both, here’s a twist on our Disney Movie Word Challenge …

  4. Inconceivable! Play ’80s Movie Word Bingo

    Let’s face it: There’s never a bad time to educate your kids on some of the classic movies from “the good old days.” Yes, we are talking about ’80s movies, films made back when everything was gnarly, and you steered clear of anything that seemed bogus. Want to add an extra dash of education into the mix? We’ve got you! Introducing part two of the Dictionary.com …

  5. Words You Need To Know To Watch The Classic Holiday Movies

    Along with presents and beautifully decorated trees, the holidays deliver the blessing of movies that are part of many family traditions! From Miracle on 34th Street to Elf, these are the movies we watch over and over again every holiday season. (Ready for that Christmas Story marathon? We are!) These beloved classics are chockablock with dialogue we have heard so many times … but do we …

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    These Netflix Shows And Films Were Based On Books

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    9 Surprising Movies That Are Based On Classic Literature

  9. Do You Know The Most Famous Words From Our Favorite Movies?

    Movies are remembered for their soundtracks, cinematography, costume design, and special effects. But most of all, it’s the dialogue that people love (and love to quote). Sometimes, even one- or two-word quotes become emblematic of the whole movie—plus they’re, like, the easiest to remember. Or, are they? Read these iconic words, then see if you can correctly pick the flick that they come from! If …

  10. 14 Words Our Favorite TV Characters Got Very, Very Wrong

    When a TV character says something so wildly outlandish that you’re hustling for your Dictionary.com app to see if that’s really a word, let’s just say we’re solid fans of the act. It turns out we’re not exactly alone. Some of television’s most lovable characters (and a few unlovable ones too) are known to trip over their tongues. Sometimes, it’s an accident. Other times, well, …