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  1. Words That Every Leo Should Know

    They are Leos, hear them roar. People born under this most majestic sign arrive into this world between July 23–August 22, and once they do, they’re ready to take it head on. The Leo sign comes after Cancer in the calendar and before Virgo. Represented by a lion, the term Leo stems from the Latin word for “lion,” which is spelled the same: leo. Leo is …

  2. 10 Ways To Change Your Negative Traits Into Something Positive

    Perhaps it's time to boot up a new you. Tired of the old one? In need of a quick makeover? How about turning what you perceive as a negative into more of a positive?

  3. These Words Describe Cancers Perfectly

    It’s almost the end of June, which means summer is here and Cancer season is upon us. Obviously we’re talking about people born between June 21–July 22, meaning they are born under the Cancer sign of the zodiac. Cancer is the fourth sign (after Gemini and before Leo) in the Zodiac calendar. Cancer is also one of the four cardinal signs—specifically, it is the cardinal …