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  1. What Is Accent Prestige Theory?

    No accent is more correct than another. And, here’s the irony. None of us talk the same way all the time. So why do we think some accents sound better than others?
  2. No One Pronounces These 10 Words The Same

    Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong famously sang about the controversial pronunciations of words like tomato (to-mah-to?), potato (po-tah-to?), either, neither, pajamas, and others in the song “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.” They settled nothing, and people have been debating the right way to say these words ever since.  And those aren’t the only words that send people to opposing corners, either. There are a host …

  3. These Long Words Are Nearly Impossible To Pronounce

    Dictionary.com presents another episode in our "Words That Are Really Hard to Pronounce!" series! It's time for the long words. Can you pronounce them correctly?
  4. Have You Been Pronouncing These US Places Correctly?

    This woman took a road trip across the US and found out she was pronouncing a lot of state and city names ... wrong. Have you been pronouncing them incorrectly too?
  5. Why Do These Words Have Different Pronunciations?

    How is it possible that a word, spelled the same way, can have so many different pronunciations? Caramel, data, either ... how do you pronounce these words, and which way is correct?
  6. Common Food Names We’re Mispronouncing

    These foods are fairly commonplace now ... but are you still pronouncing them wrong?
  7. Can You Say These Words That Are Really Hard To Pronounce?

    We found some of the hardest words to pronounce in the dictionary. Do you know the correct way to say them?
  8. Think You Know British Slang?

    Obviously game shows about words are our favorite, and now we've gone international. How many of these British slang words will you guess?
  9. These Are Some Of The Most Mispronounced International Cities And Places

    If pronouncing cities and places in your own country is hard, try pronouncing international city names! Can you get these pronunciations, right?
  10. Hot dogs, Coleslaw, And Other Debates About Food

    We all love food, but that doesn't mean we all agree on what certain foods should be called. There are some serious food debates that spark intense reactions. Watch to see if you agree or disagree with these food classifications.