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  2. Sight Word Activities: Fun Ways To Help Kids Learn To Read And Write

    By Lindsay Barrett If you have an early reader and writer in your life, you’ve likely heard of “sight words.” What are they, why do kids need to learn them, and how can you help without inciting groans of boredom? Here are the basics you need to know, and a handy list of fun practice activities that will have kids too busy moving and creating …

  3. Does The Million Word Gap Exist?

    By Lyndsey Gresehover As an English/Language Arts and Reading teacher and blogger for almost two decades, the word gap is a fretful phrase that I hear all too often in education. But the real question is … does it really exist? What is the word gap? This idea came from a study done in the 1990s by two psychologists, Betty Hart and Todd Risley, where …

  4. Activities To Help Your Kid Decode Words

    One of the foundational reading skills that most children learn in early elementary or primary school is how to decode words. While decode sounds like something spies do, decoding is actually the ability to see a written word and read it aloud. This process is often known familiarly as being able to sound out words when reading. Sound complicated? It’s not, we swear! Plus we’re …

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  9. The Mind-Bending Stroop Effect: Don’t Read These Words!

    WARNING: Your brain is about to experience conflict and interference, while executing a suspiciously mundane task. Do not scoff. Different-colored words will slow down your mental processing, and there’s almost nothing you can do about it—except read the rest of this article to learn more. You are at the mercy of . . . the Stroop effect! Get ready: The following is a group of words, written …

  10. Amazing Quotes That Remind Us Why We Love To Read

    Feed your love of reading with quotes from amazing authors.