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  2. English Vocab Activities For Elementary Students

    Build your young child’s vocabulary with these fun learning activities focused on different types of vocab. You might even learn a new word or two as well! Learning about figurative language Figurative language is language that contains or uses figures of speech, especially metaphors. And a lot of figurative language is pretty funny when you look at it literally. Guess what the phrase dog days …

  3. The Best Synonyms For Everyone’s Favorite F Word

  4. Words That Every Aries Should Know

    Aries is the astrological sign for people who are born from March 21–April 19. Although this star sign starts well into the calendar year, Aries is actually the first sign in the zodiac, which is probably why Aries season is always thought to bring on the beginning of turbulent and wild times. It falls directly between Pisces and Taurus on the zodiac calendar.  A fire sign, …

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  7. Can You Find The Synonyms Within This Quiz Show?

    On Thesaurus.com, we love synonyms. We also love games. So, we're here on our first-ever episode of Find That Synonym looking at kangaroo words. Ready?
  8. Zip, Zilch, Nada! 16 Ways To Say “Nothing”

    What are you doing on January 16th? After all the holiday parties, events, and shenanigans, you can take this day in particular to relax. Why? January 16th is National Nothing Day! In a world that requires near-constant busyness, this day (and unofficial holiday) is an excuse to kick your feet up and do … nothing. National Nothing Day was proposed in 1972 by Harold Pullman …

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  10. Stop Using These Phrases (Use These Synonyms Instead)

    We all misspeak or misuse words sometimes. Maybe we’ve latched onto phrases our parents handed down incorrectly. Or perhaps we picked them up from a movie, television, or social media with no clue they were being used inappropriately—or even worse, offensively.  It’s OK; most of us unknowingly use problematic words and phrases from time to time without thinking about their origins or how they could …