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  1. Favorite Ways To Say “I’m Cold” All Winter Long

    No matter how you say it, it’s going to be pretty cold this winter, so make sure you bundle up ... and if you get tired of complaining about the cold, we've got some synonyms for ya!
  2. Forgotten Synonyms You Should Be Using

  3. Did You Know These Words Were Surprisingly Synonyms?

    The English language never ceases to surprise us. There are all kinds of fascinating connections between words we regularly use in our everyday life. Like autoantonyms: they are their own opposites?  For example, clip is an autoantonym because it can mean both “to  fasten” and “to cut apart.” Wild. But back to this article … where we are particularly interested in synonyms that reveal strange connections …

  4. What Are The Best Words To Describe Kindness?

    What is your favorite way to talk about "kindness"? These people shared their favorite "kind" words ... are they your favorites too?
  5. Help Students Prepare For Back-To-School With These Questions

    This teacher gets real tired of saying the same words over and over. So, she came up with these helpful lists of synonyms to encourage just a little amount of participation during that time of year she calls the back-to-school blues.
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    11 Unique Words Or Phrases For Wedding Vows And Toasts

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    Kangaroo Words: Words That Contain Their Own Synonyms

  8. 9 Different Ways To Say “Stupid”

  9. A Parent’s Handy Word List For Questions That Won’t Quit

    To save your sanity while expanding your kids' vocabulary, here's a handy word list for questions that just won't quit.
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    Expressions For Epic Fails And Major Mistakes