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    Do You Know The Official Language Of Each Of These Countries?

    Most people know a handful of official languages in countries around the world—French in France, Italian in Italy, Russian in Russia, Spanish in Spain. But, those are really easy, and with 195 countries and 7,000 different languages, the handful you think you know is really only a teeny-tiny sampling! So, try your hand at guessing the official languages of these 20 countries. Some of them …

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    What Makes Accents Appealing?

    What makes certain accents sexy and others harsh? “The RINE in SPINE fawls MINELY on tha PLINE!” In the song “The Rain in Spain” from the musical My Fair Lady, phonetics professor Henry Higgins (‘enry ‘iggins) pleads with Eliza Doolittle to say “Ay not I, O not Ow.” By the end of the song Eliza’s “AY-ing” and “O-ing” and pronouncing all her H’s. The guttersnipe is …

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    Why Does France Avoid English Loanwords?

    Why does France hate English loanwords? France has a très rich literary and linguistic culture. So, it’s not surprising that their government takes a dim view to any intrusions made to it by, er, outside influences. As an article in The Guardian notes, “France’s identity has long been bound up with its language, more so possibly than anywhere else.” They also add that “France is …

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    Fantastic Festivities Around The World

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    Goodbyes Heard ‘Round The World

    Looking to send off your friends and family with an exotic, yet heartfelt goodbye? Look no further because we have several send-offs to choose from!

  6. Everyday English Words With Ancient Arabic Roots

  7. English Words In Foreign Places (A Very Silly Quiz)

    Welcome to this very silly quiz. Can you figure out what these English look-a-likes mean in their native language? Things will look a little foreign, but our obvious distractors will help you reach the right destination. Bon voyage! If the quiz doesn’t display, please try opening in the Chrome browser.

  8. Bizarre Town Names We Couldn’t Make Up

  9. Food Terms To Avoid Abroad

    Before traveling abroad, make sure you jot down these foods that mean very different things in other languages.

  10. Wearing A Cat On Your Head: Animal Idioms From Around The World