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  1. “Libel” vs. “Slander”: How To Tell The Difference

    If you spread a nasty rumor about your boss, are you engaging in slander? Can a politician sue a newspaper for libel if an article calls her a liar? What do these two words mean, and are they interchangeable? Since both are types of defamation or “the act of making negative statements that hurt another person’s reputation,” and also illegal, you’ll want to make sure …

  2. “Ludicrous” vs. “Ridiculous”: How To Use Each Word

    Ludicrous means something is silly enough to cause amusement. Ridiculous means it’s absurd enough to invite mockery or derision. Ludicrous has a more playful and amusing sense than ridiculous. You probably already knew these two words can be used to describe something that’s nonsensical or silly. But does that mean these two words are synonyms? What does ridiculous mean? We use ridiculous when something is …

  3. What Are The Best Synonyms For “Nice”?

    It’s hard to think of a more overused, vanilla word than nice. Not that there’s anything wrong with vanilla, especially if sprinkles are involved! But when there’s a whole world of other choices, it’s good to have some options in your vocabulary—some may even be twice as nice.  Also, it’s worth considering that when we describe someone or something as nice, that’s not exactly what …

  4. When You Should Not Say Sorry

    Sometimes saying sorry isn't the right thing to do ... just ask "the apologizer."
  5. Stellar Synonyms That Star Wars Gave Us

  6. Beyond Sad, Mad, and Glad: Words For Grown-Up Emotions

  7. What Are Better Ways To Say “Good Luck”?

  8. Better Words To Use Instead Of “Crazy”

  9. Oh, No! How To Say “No” To Mom And Other Family Members

    Having trouble saying no to mom and other loved ones? Are you one of those people who finds it harder to say no to friends and family than your employer? If you are, you may be looking for a few tips on how to say no without damaging important relationships. After all, your boss is probably less likely to take your refusal personally.  The key to saying …

  10. How To Ask The Right Questions

    Real talk? Dealing with people can be … exhausting. Of course it can also be beautiful, rewarding, and joyous, but when you’re looking for answers, it can be tiring trying to get a full and complete one. Maybe there’s a master evader in your life (a teenager, perhaps?), or maybe it’s your job to pin down a certain, er, politician, who has a problem with …