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  1. Words To Make You Sound Like A Boss

    Leadership roles can be hard. They bring with them a lot of responsibility, longer hours, and the unenviable task of having be the one who delivers any bad news. So we get that being a manager, supervisor, or boss can be tough. But being able to talk the talk, should not be the hardest part of walking the walk. The good news is that you don’t …

  2. Old (But Not Entirely Forgotten) Office Terminology

  3. Have You Ever Heard Of These Strange Studies?

  4. Why Is “Funemployment” In The Dictionary?

    Is "funemployment" actually fun? And why is this word in the dictionary?
  5. How To Say “No” With Words That Will Make Coworkers Listen

    No, nay, nix … there are many ways to say no, but how can you say it so people actually listen?  In today’s society, the word no is often viewed as a starting point for negotiating. That can be frustrating, if not dangerous, for many people. It can be especially hard for those who struggle to say the word in the first place, either out …

  6. Did You Know The Names Of These Unique Careers?

    Remember when you were little and everyone kept asking, “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” Well, we found some of the most unique career names to help you decide.
  7. How This School Principal Uses Words To Make Change Happen

    A high-school principal may not be a very glamorous profession, but this woman recognized it as a chance to influence the young minds of the next generation and to maybe inspire change early on instead of trying to amend things after they've happened. Here's her story:
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    Should We Use Emoji In Work Emails?

    A few decades ago, if you told someone that people would soon be sending one another electronic messages full of cartoon smiley faces, they would have looked at you like, well, 🙃. But, the future is now, and we do indeed send each other emails, texts, and tweets all day long that contain hearts and sparkles, crying faces and laughing faces, and all sorts of creatures, …

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    The 11 Worst Words And Phrases Your Boss Can Say

    Office life is already rife with jargon like synergy and leverage. As if that wasn’t bad enough, our bosses pile on clichés like boil the ocean and pick your brain. We don’t know about you, but sometimes that latter expression doesn’t feel so figurative. Corporate-speak can really make the skin crawl or make us break out in a cold sweat. Here are 11 of the worst words and phrases …

  10. Try Not To Laugh At This Similar Sounding Slip-up

    Malapropisms are slip-ups we all make ... sometimes you read one word and you just say another. This woman laughs at her unfortunate slip-up in the workplace. We relate!