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  1. Words Of A Designer And Letterpress Printer

    This is Susie. She’s been a designer and letterpress printer at Carrot & Stick Press for 20 years. There’s something around formalizing the event and imagining your loved ones taking a moment to appreciate the significance of what’s happened or what’s going to happen when they get the card in the mail. And they go to their mailbox, their actual mailbox. Because a handwritten note is always appreciated.
  2. Did You Know Real People Write The Dictionary?

    This is Jane and she is one of the lexicographers at Dictionary.com. Find out more about what a lexicographer does by watching Jane’s explanation—it’s more fun than you think … especially when dealing with vulgar words. Yup, that’s right.
  3. Decoding The PR Machine

    Deciphering the language of hype Language can be used to avoid discussion just as much as it can be used to communicate effectively. For example: the language of public relations. Public-relations representatives often speak for corporate America, politicians, and the media. They know how to avoid topics and how to not answer the hard questions (tweaking language to fit a particular need at a particular …

  4. 9 Of The Most Annoying Responses And What To Say Instead

    You know the type who backfires with “it is what it is” when something doesn’t go right, or the person who constantly yells out “YOLO,” even when it’s not appropriate.

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