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  1. Where Do The Words For Our Pets Come From?

  2. “Dog,” “Boy,” And Other Words That We Don’t Know Where They Came From

  3. Where Did The Phrase “The Dog Ate My Homework” Come From?

    Dogs are known as man’s best friend. Dogs keep us safe, are hard workers … and can provide a handy excuse in a pinch. Maybe that’s why versions of the classic expression the dog ate my homework have been around for hundreds of years. Today, the dog ate my homework is used as a stock example of the kind of silly excuses schoolchildren give for …

  4. Do You Know How To Speak DoggoLingo?

    In DoggoLingo, a puppy is called a pupper. A teeny doggo is called smol. A big one is a woofer. Did you follow all that?
  5. Why Is “Dog” One Of The Great Mysteries Of The English Language?

    Behind the simplest words one can often find the most compelling questions. Take for example, dog. Canis familiaris, also known as dog, is essentially a domesticated wolf. The dog is a member of the Canidae family, like the jackal and the fox. The word dog presents a mystery, though: linguists have not identified its roots, nor any English words related to it. The same goes for …