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  1. Words That The Internet Has Changed

    Have you ever found yourself scrolling through social media, confused by all of the new slang out there. Well we asked all of you to tell us about the words you've seen change in meaning on social media.
  2. #MeToo And Other Hashtags That Inspired A Movement

    From “Burn your bra!” to “We are the 99%” activist movements have permeated our culture and conversation for awhile. And, hashtag activism is the newest, easiest, most engaging way to start a social movement ... but does it work?
  3. What’s The #’s Real Name?

    How do we currently use the # symbol? On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you tag your friends with the @ symbol and you tag topics with the #. If you see something that says “#WordoftheDay,” the tweet or post has something to do with Word of the Day. And, once you click on that marked topic, you’ll likely see all public posts about it. It’s a …