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  1. Can You Find The Synonyms Within This Quiz Show?

    On Thesaurus.com, we love synonyms. We also love games. So, we're here on our first-ever episode of Find That Synonym looking at kangaroo words. Ready?
  2. Is There Such A Thing As A True Synonym?

    A thesaurus is a handy catalog of synonyms full of exciting (astonishing, flashy, lively!) words we can use in our writing. While it’s tempting to grab an electrifying word and go when we look for a synonym, this practice presents some pitfalls. Every word in the English language has its own particular place, and it’s even possible to claim that there is no such thing …

  3. Did You Know These Words Were Surprisingly Synonyms?

    The English language never ceases to surprise us. There are all kinds of fascinating connections between words we regularly use in our everyday life. Like autoantonyms: they are their own opposites?  For example, clip is an autoantonym because it can mean both “to  fasten” and “to cut apart.” Wild. But back to this article … where we are particularly interested in synonyms that reveal strange connections …