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  1. What Is The Origin Of Valentine’s Day?

    Red roses, heart-shaped candy boxes, fancy dinner reservations—how did all of these come to signify romance on February 14th?
  2. Use These Dictionary Conversation Hearts To Redefine Love This Valentine’s Day

  3. Printable Valentines For Kids To Spark Their Love Of Words

    For grown-ups, Valentine’s Day means roses, champagne, and overpriced chocolate. But for kids, Valentine’s Day is all about fun! They get to eat heart-shaped candies, have class parties, and open cute cards from all of their friends. While this holiday is all about the love vibes for couples 😉, for kids it’s an opportunity to celebrate the people in their lives who make them feel …

  4. What Does It Mean To Ask Someone To Be Your “Valentine”?

    When did someone first choose a valentine? Here’s what we know about what it means when you make someone your Valentine. Choosing a sweetheart on this day dates to 14th-century English and French court circles. The original connection between Saint Valentine and love is credited to Geoffrey Chaucer, author of The Canterbury Tales. In the poem “Parlement of Foules,” from circa 1381, he inspired lovers …