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  1. The Scary History Behind The Word “Nightmare”

    It's dark. You're alone. Was that a footstep? Did something just brush up against you? You fight to get up, but you're stuck ... right on top of you is a horrifying nightmare. Sorry, did you say a nightmare was on top of me?
  2. The Loaded History Of “Shitfaced”

    Here's a little-known origin story of one of our most loaded words ...
  3. What’s So Wrong With “Nice”?

    Why does the word "nice" rub us the wrong way? Why don't people want to date the nice guy? What's so wrong with nice? Doesn't every mom wish you would meet a nice guy?
  4. This Is Why You Should Not Judge A Word By How It Sounds

    In the 1700s, Cassia of Rome warned that maybe we should judge a word by how it sounds. Sit back, it's story time.
  5. Words That Are Their Own Opposites

    English is weird. A word can mean two opposite things ... but that's also what makes English fun.
  6. How Well Do You Know Your Baby Animals

    Can you guess which of these words describes your favorite baby animal?
  7. miss mrs ms

    A Paroxysm of Laughter

    They say laughter's contagious...but what is a "paroxysm"?
  8. Athleisure Explained

    Athleisure is one of many new words recently added to Dictionary.com. Simply put, athleisure is a style of clothing that’s worn as athletic apparel but is also suitable for casual, everyday wear. If this description means absolutely nothing to you, you’re not alone! The word is a recent addition to the English language, and one that even we needed some help describing. So, we asked film students from California College of the Arts to help us out. Here’s their take on athleisure.
  9. Weather Words You Need To Know

    Want a visual refresher of some of the terms you've already read? Watch our Weather Words video.
  10. Visual Bomb

    Bomb . . . has a lot of different meanings, depending on the context. If you’re da-bomb, you’re pretty awesome, but if you bombed your last test . . . you better study up for the next one. And, let’s not even talk about nuclear bombs, yikes.